About Pop Culture Memorabilia

Pop Culture Memorabilia (PCM) was started as a way to help curate our personal collections, and to help other collectors have a chance to purchase exclusive items from conventions or stores. We try to share any information we have about ways to buy upcoming collectibles on our social media accounts.

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 Are we in this to make a profit? 

Sure we are, but only to support our own collecting habits. We have regular full-time jobs outside of PCM, so this is not a major source of income for us. We just want to help other collectors buy cool collectibles. We also encourage our customers to check our Facebook page or Twitter feed for posts about upcoming pre-orders from sites we follow or use to buy products. That way our customers can buy the pieces at the same price we do. However, when we purchase something and sell it from our collection, we do ask buyers to pay fair market value to help cover the cost of our efforts in obtaining the item, or in some cases we charge the price we are willing to accept to sell it from our own personal collection.

 Are we scalpers / flippers?

We DO NOT buy every collectible in a store to prevent other local collectors from getting it. 

We DO NOT circumvent purchase limits or any other ordering guidelines to unfairly acquire more product than permitted.

We DO list items at fair market value which can be more or less than what we originally paid for the item. This covers our expenses for making the product available, such as shipping to our facility, warehouse storage, travel, our time, and other related costs. We also may offer some items at the lowest we are willing to take to part with them.

Many collectors will call us scalpers or flippers and make other assumptions about how we acquire items or conduct business. We hope the information above helps clarify who we are and what we do with our products and our business.

The bottom line is we make it possible for people to buy the collectibles they want, but for whatever reason were unable to obtain when they were originally sold. We are not scalpers because we are purposefully trying not to prevent other collectors from obtaining the items we offer for sale. We don't buy out stores, booths, or pre-orders. We buy our allotment, and stop there. Many times we buy items intending to keep them, feel like pack rats, and then try to sell them to make room for new / better collectibles. 

We've been collecting for over 20 years, and resale has been a fact of the hobby since before eBay. While we don't care for scalping, we also understand that there are many people selling collectibles who are not scalpers, and are resellers. We hope others understand that too.

 Do we sell original items?

There are two answers to this question, but the primary answer is yes.

The items we sell are accurately described and are original unaltered pieces from the manufacturers listed. 

We hope to begin selling more original items created by us or other independent artists in the near future. If you are interested in finding a new venue with low fees to sell your original artwork or other items related to pop culture, keep an eye out for our consignment announcement and contact information.

 Is there any way to request that PCM acquire an item for me?

We hope to offer this feature in the future for our best (or soon to be best) customers. More details will be provided when we finalize this feature of our business.

 Why do I care about any of this?

We believe in being as honest and transparent with our customers as possible. If you have any questions, just ask us.