Many of our collectibles are exclusives, limited editions, or other hard to find items. Acquiring these items is not easy, and pricing them is even harder. As a result, some items are auctioned on eBay to let the market determine the final selling price. 

Occasionally, items are auctioned because we are collectors too, and we'll only part with them if the price is right. 

10 of our current auctions are listed here for your convenience, sorted by time ending soonest. We may have more items than we can display on this page, so we also encourage you to check out all of our auctions here:

 PCM Auctions on eBay

Please feel free to review our feedback ratings here:

 PCM Feedback Ratings 

Note: Due to abuse of the eBay Best Offer option by some buyers, we will no longer be able to offer this on our fixed price listings.